Top 5 IPA Myths

1. “India Pale Ale” was brewed for British troops in India, and given a higher alcohol content to survive the long journey from Britain to India. 

Pale ale was around since the 1700’s and was exported to India from at least the 1780’s. The East India Company’s (and later the British ) troops preferred porter, […]

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One of the most Beautiful Sunsets I’ve ever seen

As I walked out of the plane in Philadelphia I had two things in mind. “Pretzels”. “You only have 15 minutes to get Pretzels”.

When I walked into the corridor I completely forgot what I was doing. I may have even forgotten who I was. It was so rare, to have sheer wonder and beauty […]

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Airline and Hotel Status : Why it matters Part 1

Airline and Hotel Status : The Benefits of Travel Loyalty Programs
What are the benefits of a loyalty program?
One of my “go-to” rib spots has a lunch punch card. After ten meals you get one free…I could probably go to a different spot but it’s a solid deal. Of course I ALWAYS lose the damn […]

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Beer Spa in Prague!

The Beer Spa in Prague allows guests to have a dip in a bath filled with the all-natural ingredients used for beer brewing, including barley, hops and yeast, kept at a steady 37 degrees celcius and continuously bubbling to ‘promote dissolution of ingredients’, releasing vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins, the company claims.
During a 30-minute bar […]

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    American Airlines rips into Delta, Airline networks explained and why the Japanese are unable to say “no”

American Airlines rips into Delta, Airline networks explained and why the Japanese are unable to say “no”

In the beginning…
At first airline networks were based on  point-to-point routing, where an airline focuses mainly on its Origin and Destination traffic: New York to London. As airports became more commonplace, airlines began to sprout in different regions, oftentimes having overlapping city pairs and routes. A Hub and Spoke network takes it one step […]

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Get Upgraded to First Class for Free

The best way to get free upgrades is to have airline status, but lets assume that you don’t travel often. The easiest way (and only for top tier) to gain status is by flying, so that’s out.

Not too long ago, Airline upgrades were a fairly common “surprise” for anyone who would fly often enough […]

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Petronas Towers – Kuala Lumpur

The tallest towers in the world from 1998 to 2004, now the tallest twin towers in the world. Due to the high cost of importing steel, the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur were mostly built with high strength concrete which is sturdier against wind but significantly heavier, so the towers are also built with the […]

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A pleasant surprise, Airport Lounge offering Craft Beer.

Most lounges offer self service liquor and a small arrangement of “nothing interesting” beer. If you’re lucky they will have a “craft” section which has a warm Sam Adams and a Blue Moon. So when the star alliance lounge attendant in JFK mentioned that there was craft beer I rolled my eyes.



It was only […]

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Mistake Fares, Airline Price Mistakes, The Definitive Guide

I originally wrote this as a general guide but then I remembered how I knew nothing so I thought you should have as much information as possible. In summary a mistake fare is an “oops” which is then found via word of mouth. Sometimes they are a flat out glitch, while other times it must be […]

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    How I missed flying from Miami to Bombay for $271- Mistake Fares, Discovery Channel and Opportunities

How I missed flying from Miami to Bombay for $271- Mistake Fares, Discovery Channel and Opportunities

Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.
Bobby Unser
My parents were journalists, so TV nights were based around CNN and the radio blaring in the background. But on Saturday mornings I was allowed to watch whatever I wanted, slowly I created my own library of VHS tapes, but they weren’t cartoons (okay some were). Meticulously […]

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